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Abdel-Ghaffar, F. LS.6.P167 Ultrastructural characterization, pathogenicity and host parasite relationship of microsporidian parasites infecting some marine fishes of the Red Sea, Egypt.

Ahmadpour, S. and FoghI, K. LS.2.P084 Dark Neuron Formation in uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus; A study by TEM and Gallyas' Method.

Alemu, A. LS.2.P103 Urban malaria and associated risk factors in Jimma town, southwest Ethiopia.

Ali, R. and Hanke, T. and Trump, S. LS.7.P196 Visualization of Benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P) and its metabolites in live Hepa1c1c7 cells.

Altinkaya, A. and Cebi, G. and Tanriverdi, G. and Cetinkale, O. and Alkan, F. LS.2.P077 The effects of Subepineurial Hyaluronic Acid injection on Nerve Regeneration.

Argun, G. and Kaya Dagistanli, F. and Ozturk, M. LS.2.P100 Vildagliptin as a DPP4 inhibitor induces beta cell regeneration in neonatal streptozotocin diabetic rats.

Aydogan Kilic, G. and Kilic, V. and Kececi, M. and Cin, S. LBP.LS.P06 Histopathological alterations in body wall and alimentary canal of the earthworm as biomarker of copper oxychloride exposure.


Baldassarri, V. and Salucci, S. and Burattini, S. and Guescini, M. and Falcieri, E. LS.2.P046 Melatonin role in the prevention of myoblasts apoptosis induced by chemical triggers.

Battistelli, M. and Salucci, S. and Baldassarri, V. and Curzi, D. and Falcieri, E. LS.2.P043 Prevention of UVB radiation-induced skin damage: “in vitro” studies.

Baybekov, A. and Baybekov, I. LS.2.P090 Ultrastructure of fat tissue, used for lipofilling with laser irradiation.

Baybekov, I. and Butaev, A. and Ibadov, B. and Khashimov, F. and Baybekov, A. LS.2.P089 Correlation of the forms of erythrocytes, microcirculation and ultrastructure of cell in pathology and laser influence.

Bellack, A. and Wanner, G. and Ugele, M. and Heimerl, T. and Rachel, R. and Wirth, R. LS.1.P024 Ultrastructural characterization of the hyperthermophilic Archaeon Methanocaldococcus villosus.

Benedec, D. and Popovici, M. and Vlase, L. and Bele, C. and Tiperciuc, B. and Tamas, M. and Hanganu, D. LS.3.P119 Comparative morphological and biochemical studies for two Romanian indigenous subspecies of Achillea distans Waldst. et Kit.

Bijelić, N. and Belovari, T. and Baus-Lončar, M. LS.2.P053 Trefoil factor family proteins 1, 2 and 3 in the developing kidney of mouse embryo.

Bikashvili, T. and Lordkipanidze, T. LS.5.135 The effect of kainic acid on hippocampal dendritic spine morphology and motility at the early and late stages of brain development (Electron and multiphoton laser-scanning microscope study).

Biscaia, S. and Borges, B.S. and Bellan, D.D.L. and Andrade, L.F.D. and Carbonero, E. and Iacomini, M. and Oliveira, S.M.D. and Oliveira, C.C.D. and Buchi, D.D.F. and Trindade, E.D.S. and Franco, C. LS.6.P165 Beta-glucan, from mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus, induces apoptosis and increases B16F10 cell adhesion and spreading.

Boehringer, D. and Ban, N. and Leibundgut, M. LS.4.124 High Resolution Structure of the Mycobacterial Fatty Acid Synthase - Automated Image Acquisition on a Direct Electron Detector.

Bozzuto, G. and Bombelli, C. and Altieri, B. and Giansanti, L. and Stringaro, A. and Colone, M. and Toccacieli, L. and Formisano, G. and Molinari, A. and Mancini, G. LS.2.P105 Stereochemistry of the gemini surfactant influences the final fate of cationic liposomes in human tumor cells.

Breygina, M. and Matveyeva, N. and Yermakov, I. LS.7.P191 Fluorescent methods in recent studies of pollen physiology.

Burattini, S. and Baldassarri, V. and Salucci, S. and Curzi, D. and Falcieri, E. LS.2.P044 Z-disc formation along myogenic differentiation: the role of α- actinin.

Burghardt, T. and Salecker, B. and Wanner, G. and Rachel, R. and Witzgall, R. LS.2.034 Three-dimensional reconstruction of regular and damaged podocytes by FIB-SEM.

Burkhardt, C. and Zeitvogel, F. and Schroeppel, B. and Obst, M. LS.1.P022 High resolution surface imaging of uncoated bacteria with Helium Ion Microscopy.

Butaev, A. and Saidkhanov, B. and Irisov, O. and Baybekov, I. LS.2.P088 Scanning electron microscopy of plasma-filter components and erythrocytes in plasmapheresis and laser irradiation.

Bykova, E. and Choob, V. and Labunskaya, E. and Sinjushin, A. LS.3.P115 Ultrastructural analysis of meristematic cells of fasciated mutant Pisum sativum L.

Bílý, T. and Vancova, M. and Ruzek, D. and Palus, M. and Nebesarova, N. and Grubhoffer, L. LS.6.P155 3D reconstruction of tick-borne encephalitis virus replication complexes.


Cantele, F. and Paccagnini, E. LS.7.P187 3D reconstruction of in situ Short Intraflagellar Transport trains in flagella of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Castejón, O. LS.5.134 Derangement of nerve cell membranes in traumatic human brain edema.

Cheng, X. and Wettengel, J. and Esser, K. and Protzer, U. LS.7.P197 Characterization of HBV transport pathways in macrophages.

Chesca, A. LS.2.P035 The Myometrium Ultrastrecture Study by Transmission Electron Microscope.

Colone, M. and Calcabrini, A. and Cavalieri, F. and Tortora, M. and Zhou, M. and Ashokkumar, M. and Stringaro, A. LS.2.P057 Influence of the morphology of lysozyme-shelled microparticles on the cellular association, uptake and degradation in SKBR3 cells.

Condello, M. and De Berardis, B. and Ammendolia, M.G. and Meschini, S. LS.2.030 Ultrastructural view on cellular uptake of metal oxide nanoparticles.

Congiu, T. and Pazzaglia, U.E. and Basso, P. and Raspanti, M. LS.2.P040 3D imaging of the lacunar-canalicular network of compact bone.

Curlin, M. and Skelin, M. LS.2.P106 Expression of GABA receptors in the mouse cervical epithelium during estrous cycle.

Curzi, D. and Lattanzi, D. and Burattini, S. and Grindeland, R.E. and Edgerton, V.R. and Roy, R.R. and Tidball, J.G. and Falcieri, E. LS.2.033 Effects of growth hormone and/or resistance exercise on the myotendinous junction of the plantaris muscle in hind-limb unloaded rats.


Demirci, T. and Zeybek, D. and Muftuoglu, S. LS.6.P156 Evaluation of the effects of HMG-Co Reductase Inhibitors on the cell proliferation and cell death mechanisms of the breast adenocarsinoma cell line MCF-7.

Di Bella, M.A. and De Leo, G. LS.2.P102 Study of proliferating blood cells in Ciona intestinalis (Tunicata) immune response.

Didilescu, A. and Pop, F. and Rusu, M. LS.2.P098 Angiogenesis in the reparatory mucosa of the mandibular edentulous ridge is driven by tip cells and influenced by circulating fibrocytes.

Diebolder, C. and Koning, R. and Koster, A. and Gros, P. LBP.LS.P14 Structure of C1-immune complexes revealed by cryo-electron tomography.

Dittmann, C. and Grabenbauer, M. and Han, H. and Laue, M. LS.1.P020 Ultrastructural analyses of dormant and germinating bacterial endospores.

Dobranska, K. and Ruzicka, F. and Nebesarova, J. and Burdikova, Z. and Dluhos, J. and Collakova, J. and Chmelik, R. and Samek, O. and Krzyzanek, V. LS.1.002 Electron and light microscopy of yeast biofilm.

Dujmovic, I. and Bocina, I. and Vukojevic, K. and Saraga-Babic, M. LS.6.P159 Immunofluorescence distribution of cytoskeletal and extracellular matrix antigens in dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula L. notochord.


Egelman, E. LS.4.122 High resolution cryo-EM of protein polymers: new insights into evolutionary divergence.

Ekhaise, F.O. LS.1.P025 The Morphology and Ultrastructure of a new 2 - Methoxyethanol utilizing Pseudomonas SP.

Elballal, S. LS.2.P087 Histopathological and ultrastructural studies on cases of enzootic bovine leukosis in Upper Egypt.

Er, H. and Acar, N. and Ozmen, A. and Celik-Ozenci, C. and Ustunel, I. and Korgun, E.T. LS.6.P152 Does dexamethasone treatment change the expressions of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), cyclin D3, p27, p57 in normal and dexamethasone-induced intrauterine growth restricted rat placentas?

Esser, K. and Cheng, X. and Hartmann, D. and Walch, A. and Knolle, P. and Protzer, U. LS.2.P101 Visualization of early Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection in ex vivo perfused human liver tissue using fluorescence labelled viral particles.


Fedorovich, A. LS.2.P037 Parameters of microcirculatory blood flow in human skin under long-term thermal stress (model experiment).

Flechsler, J. and Heimerl, T. and Heinz, V. and Rachel, R. LS.6.P168 Immunolabelling on sections in 2D and 3D, with speed and ecstasy.

Floriano, R.S. and Carregari, V.C. and Oun, R. and Marangoni, S. and da Cruz Höfling, M.A. and Rocha, T. and Rodrigues Simioni, L. LS.2.P076 Ultrastructural aspects of Bbil-TX (Asp49 PLA2) from Bothriopsis bilineata smargadina snake venom (forest viper) in the skeletal muscle.


Gieczewska, K. and Mazur, R. and Grzyb, J. and Garstka, M. and Mostowska, A. LS.3.P117 The “native” structure of aggregated plants’ thylakoids.

Gonca, S. and Onan, B. and Onan, I.S. and Solakoğlu, S. and Bakır, I. and Yeniterzi, M. LS.6.P177 The effect of electrocauterization for internal thoracic artery harvesting during coronary artery bypasses grafting: an ultrastructural study.

Gozuacik, D. LS.7.179 Discovery and functional analysis of the novel regulators of autophagosome formation and maturation.


Hajjaran, H. and Mowlavi, G.R. LS.2.P060 Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) as a supportive technique in paleoparasitological investigation.

Hanganu, D. and Vlase, L. and Olah, N.-K. and Pintea, A. LS.3.P120 Evaluation of polyphenol and isoflavon profile correlated with antioxidant capacity of Genistella sagitallis and Genista tinctoria extracts.

Hause, G. and Hartmann, N. and Lorenz, C. and Fraas, S. and Schulz, S. and Büttner, D. LS.3.110 Formation of the type III secretion pilus of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria depends on the action of a pilus assembly protein.

Hegermann, J. and Birkelbach, B. and Lutz, D. and Mahavadi, P. and Knudsen, L. and Ochs, M. LS.2.P058: Characterisation of the intracellular surfactant-pool in a mouse-model of pulmonary fibrosis.

Heimerl, T. and Flechsler, J. and Huber, H. and Wanner, G. and Rachel, R. LS.1.P021 3D ultrastructure of the archaeon Ignicoccus hospitalis, analysed by different tomography techniques.

Heinz, V. and Gagen, E. and Könneke, M. and Hinrichs, K.-U. and Palmer, C. and Löwe, J. and Thomm, M. and Rachel, R. LS.1.P008 The S-Layer of Nitrosopumilus maritimus.

Herbst, M. and Hölzenbein, T. and Minnich, B. LS.6.P161 Three-dimensional arrangement of the vasa vasorum of the human great saphenous vein: a scanning electron microscopy and 3Dmorphometry study.

Hochapfel, F. and Krahn, M. LS.7.P198 Ultrastructural analysis of Drosophila nephrocytes by transmission electron microscopy.

Hovnanyan, N. and Sharoyan, S. and Antonyan, A. and Mardanyan, S. and Hovnanyan, K. LS.4.P131 Electron microscopic visualization of dipeptidyl peptidase IV influence on the formation of nano-fibrils of amyloid beta peptide.

Hočevar, M. and Godec, M. and Jenko, M. and Drobne, D. LS.1.P011 The adhesion of bacteria to austenitic stainless steel with different surface roughness.

Hurdag, C. and Altun, A. and Canıllıoglu, Y. E. and Kandil, A. and Unsal, E. and Karpuz, V. and Solakoglu, S. LS.2.P062 The Morphological Evaluation in Azoospermia Cases of Testicular Tubular Tight Junctions.


Inan, S. and Sarica, Y. and Alper Ercan, G. and Sencan, A. LS.2.P074 Protective effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester through PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway on ischemia-reperfusion damage in rat testicular tissue.

Irban, A. and Uslu, S. and Gereli, A. and Ilgaz Aydinlar, E. and LuleciI, L. and Suyen, G. LS.2.P064 The effect of ozone therapy at the early period of bone healing in an experimental non-fixed fracture model.


Jakob, B. and Beuke, M. and Alber, I. and Engelhardt, J. and Hell, S. and Durante, M. and Taucher-Scholz, G. LS.7.P194 Interaction of heavy ions with nuclear chromatin: Spatiotemporal investigations of biological responses in a cellular environment.

Jezek, D. and Boscanin, A. and Cvetko, J. and Kozina, V. and Vukasovic, A. LS.2.P081 Macrophages and Leydig cells in testicular biopsies of infertile patients: friends or enemies?


Kaya Dagistanli, F. and Ozturk, M. LS.2.P073 Does Notch1 effect on beta-cell regeneration or apoptosis in nicotinamide treated neonatal diabetic rats?

Khashimov, F. and Baybekov, I. LS.2.P091 Electron microscopy of skin in post-acne keloid cicatrices and their complex treatment with application of laser technologies.

Kilic, V. and Aydogan Kilic, G. and Şimsek, N. N. and Koca, D. LBP.LS.P07 Effects of copper oxychloride on the histology of earthworm coelomocytes.

Kim, H. and Lee, W.K. and Yoo, S.N. and Kim, T.W. LS.6.P172 Accumulation of fluoride in plants and crops after hydrogen fluoride explosion in Gumi industrial area - Korea.

Kim, Y.-S. and Scherer, P. LS.1.P015 Application of an image analysis system for quantification and classification of environmental microbes from agricultural biogas plants.

Kittel, A. and Walter, F. and Veszelka, S. and Otrokocsi, L. and Hegyi, P. and Takács, T. and Rakonczay, Z. and Deli, M. LS.2.P093 Blood-brain barrier changes in pancreatitis: an electon microscopic study.

Kivanc, M. and Vatansever, H.S. and Lopez-Escobar, B. and Ybot Gonzalez, P. LS.2.P068 The Role of Wnt/Beta-Catenin Pathways in Postnatal Mouse Female and Male Gonadal Development.

Kolenc, M. and Dragin Jerman, U. and Veranič, P. and Steyer, A. and Poljšak Prijatelj, M. and Erdani Kreft, M. LS.2.P071 Porcine adenovirus detected in urothelial cell culture isolated from porcine urinary bladder.

Kostanjsek, R. and Pasic, L. and Daims, H. and Sket, B. LS.1.P013 ‘Candidatus Troglogloea absoloni’ - novel lineage of Nitrospirae, forming sprout-like bacterial aggregates in Dinaric Karst subterranean stream.

Kostic, J. and Bajcetic, M. and Lackovic, M. and Zaletel, I. and Lackovic, V. LS.5.P145 Ultrastructural changes of skeletal muscle fibers in Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathies.

Kotova, S. and Timashev, P. and Guller, A. and Timofeeva, V. and Shekhter, A. and Solovieva, A. LS.2.P038 Nanodiagnostics of pelvic organ prolapse based on the atomic force microscopy analysis of extracellular matrix.

Kozina, V. and Goluža, T. and Ježek, D. and Kordic, M. LS.2.P050 Expression of nestin in foetal human testis.

Kreft, M.E. and Višnjar, T. and Robenek, H. LS.6.P169 Freeze-Fracture Replica Immunolabeling revealed insights into the dynamics of urothelial plaques during blood-urine barrier formation in vitro.

Köroğlu, P. and Erkanlı Şentürk, G. and Yücel, D. and Arbak, S. LS.2.P042 The effect of exogenous oxytocin on streptozotocin (STZ) -induced diabetic adult rat testes.


Labunskaya, E. and Choob, V. LS.7.P186 Ultrastructural analysis of sink-source relations between green and white areas of variegated plant chimera Ficus benjamina var. Starlight.

Lametschwandtner, A. and Bartel, H. and Radner, C. and Minnich, B. LS.2.032 Scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts is still an excellent technique to study microvascular anatomy and vascular pattern formation of tissues and organs in health, disease and experimental conditions.

Laue, M. LS.2.029 Diagnostic electron microscopy of pathogens in emergency situations.

Leapman, R.D. and Aronova, M.A. LS.6.146 Energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in biomedicine.

Leite, R. and Gadelha, F.R. and Ribeiro, L.H. and Diamante, M.A. and Dolder, H. LS.2.P036 Environmentally realistic doses of cadmium affects the vascular tonus in Wistar testis: An experimental study paralleling human environmental exposure to cadmium.

Leitinger, G. and Wernitznig, S. and Zankel, A. and Rind, F.C. and Bock, E. and Pritz, E. and Pölt, P. LS.5.P139 Studying the Wiring and Connectivity of Visual Interneurons in a Locust.

Lyubov, D. and George, A. and Natalya, S. and Claudio, S.C. and Francesco, T. and Mauro, P. and Marziale, M. LS.1.P023 Nanoparticles production and inclusion in Staphyloccus Aureus incubated with Polyurethane: an electron microscopy analysis.


Machado, S. and Rodrigues, T. LS.7.P185 Histochemistry and ultrastructure of leaf glands colonized by bacteria in Styrax camporum Pohl. (Styracaceae).

Macukanovic-Jocic, M. and Rancic, D. LS.3.P114 Pollen morphology of Ligustrum vulgare L. (Oleaceae).

Maiorana, A. and Papi, M. and Bugli, F. and Torelli, R. and Posteraro, B. and Palmieri, V. and Ciasca, G. and Chiarpotto, M. and Maulucci, G. and De Spirito, M. and Sanguinetti, M. LS.1.P007 Adhesive properties of Aspergillus Fumigatus biofilms probed by atomic force microscopy and effects of Alginate Lyase enzyme.

Malatesta, M. and Costanzo, M. and Cisterna, B. and Galimberti, V. and Biggiogera, M. and Zancanaro, C. LS.6.147 Ultrastructural cytochemistry is a valuable tool for tracking nanoparticles and monitoring drug delivery in single cells.

Malatesta, M. and Pellicciari, C. and Meola, G. LS.2.P097 Histochemistry for investigating skeletal muscle under sarcopenic and dystrophic conditions.

Mansy, S. and Guda, M. and Hassanein, M. and Yehia, H. and Nosseir, M. and Bedeir, B. and Zeedan, A. and Othman, M. LS.2.P083 Hepatic Fibrogenic Cells in HCV Infected Patients: An Ultrastructural and Immunological Study.

Mansy, S. and Nessim, I. and AbdelFatah, A. and Hassanein, M. and guda, M. LS.2.P082 Ultrastructural study of hepatic steatosis associating hepatitis C virus infection.

Marin, M. and Ascensao, L. and Jasnic, N. and Brankovic, S. LS.7.P189 Microscopy investigation of glandular trichomes of Satureja horvatii Šilić (Lamiaceae).

Markelic, M. and Velickovic, K. and Golic, I. and Jankovic, A. and Vucetic, M. and Stancic, A. and Otasevic, V. and Korac, B. and Buzadzic, B. and Korac, A. LS.2.P051 Hyperinsulinaemia-induced structural remodeling of visceral and subcutaneous white adipose depots in rats.

Martinka, M. and Soukup, M. and Švancárová, M. and Ravaszová, F. and Lux, A. LS.3.112 The development of silica phytoliths in plants can be artificially modified to produce the particles of requested features.

Mater, Y. and Uygur, T. The examination with microscopic labelling methods of pancreatic β cells surface glycoconjugates’ profiles in diabetes mellitus.

Matsuo, M. and Takahashi, S. and Iimura, A. and Matsuo, S. and Takahashi, S. LBP.LS.P10 Microvascular changes of periodontal tissue after inflammation using vascular injection method.

Mayr, S. and Hutterer, S. and Silye, R. and Zauner, G. and Schilcher, K. LS.2.P052 Analysis of human myocardial tissue by means of atomic force microscopy.

Mazur, R. and Rudowska, L. and Janik, E. and Bednarska, J. and Mostowska, A. and Gruszecki, W.I. and Garstka, M. LS.6.P164 Visualization of chlorophyll-protein complexes in thylakoid and artificial membranes.

Medigović, I. LS.2.P094 Effects of genistein on gonadotropic cells in middle-aged female rats.

Meier, J. and Grün, A. and Manz, W. and Hauröder, B. LS.1.P014 Tracking mineral particles and metal(oid)s from armor stones in freshwater biofilms.

Mello, M.L. LS.2.P063 Spatial distribution of heterochromatin bodies in vectors of Chagas’ disease as studied by confocal microscopy.

Mika, J. and Wanzenboeck, H. and Scholze, P. and Bertagnolli, E. LS.5.P140 Optical microscopy of artificially isolated axons on microelectronic measurement platform.

Miyaguchi, K. LS.6.P174 A novel channel-like structure in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum of chicken retinal pigment epithelial cells visualized by rapid-freeze deep-etch technique.

Miyaguchi, K. LS.6.P175 Ultrastructure of plasma membrane and membrane-microtubule linker of the connecting cilia in rat retinal rod cell examined by rapid-freeze deep-etch technique.

Miyaguchi, K. LS.6.P176 Novel cross-linking structure between mitochondrial outer membranes in chicken retinal pigment epithelial cells revealed by rapid-freeze deep-etch technique.

Mohamed, S.A. and Ali, F.M. and Abdelbacki, A.M. and El- Sharkawy, A.H. LS.2.P092 Inhibition of Salmonella typhi Growth by Using Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic (ELF-EM) Waves at Resonance Frequency.

Mrak, P. and Žnidaršič, N. and Bogataj, U. and Tušek-Žnidarič, M. and Štrus, J. LS.7.P190 Stomach and hindgut cuticular lining differentiation during embryogenesis of the crustacean Porcellio scaber.

Mrak, P. and Žnidaršič, N. and Žagar, K. and Čeh, M. and Štrus, J. LS.7.182 Cuticle formation during marsupial development of the crustacean Porcellio scaber: Imaging and analysis.

Mraz, J. and Kojc, N. and Vizjak, A. and Ferluga, D. LS.2.P095 Preservation and Electron Microscopic Presentation of Crystals in Iatrogenic Foscarent - Induced Crystalline Nephropathy.

Muftuoglu, S. and Zeybek, D. and Demirci, T. LBP.LS.P05 Effects of Rapamycine and Progesterone on endometrial cancer cells.

Mutlu, M. B. and Penezoğlu, A. LBP.LS.P08 Analysis of Microbial Populations by Flouoescein in-SITU Hybridization (FISH) in water samples of Lake Van.


Nafeey, S. and Felder, E. and Schmid, C. and Sailer, M. and Walther, P. LS.6.150 Branching of cytoplasmic intermediate filaments can be demonstrated using STEM tomography of high-pressure frozen keratinocytes.

Nagwa, E. and Bruno, V. and Olfat, H. and Soheir, M. and Hoda, Y. and Soheir, M. LS.2.P096 Hepatic changes in Schistosoma mansoni-infected mice livers after bone marrow cells transplantion.

Neumann, S. and Jetten, M.S.M. and van Niftrik, L. LS.1.P017 Linking ultrastructure and function in the uniquely compartmentalized anammox bacteria.

Neumann, S. and van Teeseling, M. and Mesman, R. and van Niftrik, L. LS.1.004 Anammox bacteria: microbes with identity issues.

Nunes Vaz Pedroso, A. and Domingos, M. LS.7.P192 The cell makers in tolerant plant to air pollutants in Rain Forest, Brazil.


Ochs, M. LS.2.027 Quantitative micro-structural assessment of animal models of human lung disease.

Oeding, S. and Honnert, U. and Freitag, A. and Nikolaus, P. and Elfrink, K. and Henkel, A. and Pieper, U. and Bähler, M. LS.4.P129 Structural analysis of the processive motor domain of myosin IX bound to actin filaments.

Olapade, O. LS.1.P026 Quantification of Indigenous Bacterial Phylogenetic and Functional Groups at Terrebonne Bay along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico using combinations of Fluorescence in situ Hybridization and Epifluoresence Microcopy.

Orpella-Aceret, G. and Sánchez-Chardi, A. and Secanella-Fandos, S. and Luquin, M. and Julián, E. LS.2.P107 Ultrastructural evaluation to understand Mycobacterium brumae and BCG interaction with bladder tumor cells.

Ozdas, S. and Yapislar, H. and Akin, D. and Ersoz, M. LS.5.P144 Investigation of Apoptotic Effects of Melatonin in H2O2 Induced Glioma Cell Lines.


Palmieri, V. and Maulucci, G. and De Spirito, M. and Maiorana, A. and Papi, M. and Brancaccio, A. and Bozzi, M. and Sciandra, F. LS.6.P154 FRAP analysis of dystroglycan, a membrane receptor involved in congenital muscular dystrophies.

Pantic, I. and Basailovic, M. and Paunovic, J. and Pantic, S. and Perovic, M. and Trajkovic, M. and Djuricic, D. and Pesut, M. LS.2.P079 Age-related changes in structural complexity of liver tissue architecture: light microscopy fractal analysis.

Pantic, I. and Basailovic, M. and Paunovic, J. and Pesut, M. and Pantic, S. and Trajkovic, M. and Perovic, M. LS.2.P080 Toluidine blue-stained chromatin exhibits different textural properties in thymus cortical and medullar lymphocytes.

Pascini, T. and Ortigão, M. and Martins, G. LS.2.P086 The fine structure of the Anopheles aquasalis spermatheca.

Pecinar, I. and Pekic Quarrie, S. and Rancic, D. and Radosevic, R. and Terzic, M. and Bertin, N. and Stikic, R. LS.3.P113 How different irrigation treatments affect cell size in tomato fruit?

Pfannkuchen, A. and Bailly, X. and Entzeroth, R. and Kurth, T. LS.7.P195 Comparison of different fixation methods for the acoel worm Symsagittifera roscoffensis.

Polilov, A. and Vortsepneva, E. LS.5.P143 Array tomography vs. confocal microscopy for studying the nervous system of the smallest insect.

Polykandriotis, E. and Lametschwandtner, A. and Dragu, A. and Arkudas, A. and Beier, J.P. and Kneser, U. and Horch, R.E. LS.6.P166 Quantitative 3D Analysis of Bioartificial Neovascular Assemblies with Focus on Angiogenesis by means of SEM.


Quadt, K. and Streichfuss, M. and Cyrklaff, M. and Spatz, J. and Frischknecht, F. LS.1.005 Microscopic techniques to investigate malaria pathogenesis.

Quaglino, D. LS.2.028 Tissue elasticity: from tissues to single molecules back to tissues.


Rancic, D. and Pecinar, I. and Radosevic, R. and Pekic Quarrie, S. and Quarrie, S. LS.3.P116 Histochemical methods for localization carbohydrate storage tissue in wheat stem.

Ranftler, C. and Rouhani, D. and Ellinger, A. and Neumüller, J. and Meisslitzer-Ruppitsch, C. and Pavelka, M. LS.7.183 Controlled disassembly and new formation of Golgi apparatus stacks in cultured hepatoma cells.

Raunser, S. LS.4.123 How to kill a mocking bug.

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